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Your benefits

  • Training awarded the “Excellent Training” seal by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)
  • Digital Welcome Starter Package 
  • Independent work in the many different areas of the company
  • Committed trainers and individual supervision by the training manager
  • Cross-company and corporate apprentice exchange
  • Annual project trips with all apprentices, offers for internships abroad and regular employee events
  • Digital learning opportunities, e.g. through apps
  • Extensive support during exam preparation through seminars 
  • Extremely high takeover rate after successful completion of training
  • Flexible working hours model, 30 days annual leave and health management services

What you need to know about your apprenticeship

Working hours

Regular working hours amount to 39.5 hours per week. The training day counts as a full working day with 7.9 hours.

Training plan

At the beginning of your apprenticeship, you will receive a personal training plan, which can also be accessed online at any time.

Apprenticeship exchange

During the first year of training, each trainee has the opportunity to visit and work for a week at another Deutsche Wohnen location within Germany. The times and locations of the respective apprenticeship exchanges are determined in advance and will be sent to you in good time. This exchange gives you the opportunity to get to know other holdings, colleagues and workflows within the company. The focus is on cooperation with colleagues from the letting department. We also offer external internships as part of a cooperation with other property companies.

Flexitime compensation

Flexitime days or hours can be used to help reduce overtime. A whole flexitime compensation day requires 7.9 hours of overtime.

Written exams/class papers

The written exams and class papers of the last few years are stored centrally at Deutsche Wohnen and can be viewed and used as preparation for performance assessments at the vocational school.

Holiday leave

Each apprentice is normally entitled to 30 days holiday per year. Holidays can be taken throughout the year, but not on school days.

Time management

You will be given a personal access card for time management at the beginning of your apprenticeship. Use this to record the start and end of your working day via the attendance terminal. You will also receive a link and your personal access data via e-mail so that you can independently request or check time corrections, holidays, flexitime status, business trips, etc.

Intermediate and final examinations

To make it easier for you to prepare for your intermediate and final examinations, the Deutsche Wohnen Intranet contains exams from previous years.

Apprenticeship as an IHK Real Estate Manager (m/f)

Stage by stage together

On your way to becoming an IHK Real Estate Agent (f/m), you will get to know the training contents in multiple companies, different training stations and at different locations within the Group. You will acquire practical qualifications at our company. The vocational training school adds theoretical teaching content.

Start of apprenticeship

1 August (Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Mainz, Koblenz) 

Duration of apprenticeship

3 years or 2.5 years (depending on location and services)

Apprenticeship locations

Rhein-Main area (Frankfurt am Main/Mainz)

Apprenticeship allowance per month

1. Apprenticeship year €1,056.25
2. Apprenticeship year €1,186.25
3. Apprenticeship year €1,310.25
plus capital-forming benefits in each case 

We work with the BBA – Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft e.V. in Berlin to teach theoretical knowledge. The vocational school lessons take place in teaching blocks. Both the school fees and sports trip for the private academy will be paid for by our company.


BBA – Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft e.V., Berlin

Lützowstraße 106
10785 Berlin

For apprentices at our other locations, the following vocational schools provide the theoretical part of the training:

Friedrich-List-Schule Wiesbaden

Brunhildenstraße 142
65189 Wiesbaden

Berufsschule Koblenz

Beverwijker Ring 3 
56564 Neuwied 

During practical training, exciting tasks and diverse challenges in the fields of administration, letting, sales, management and controlling await.



As colleagues in the letting department have the first contact with the customer, this is a very important task. You will learn how to process tenant changes from them, i.e. how to search for residential applicants, create tenant files, conclude tenancy agreements, conduct consultation hours for prospective tenants and attend external appointments. This includes apartment viewings, final inspections and handovers.

Commercial accommodation service

This part of your curriculum includes conducting tenant consultation hours, processing current tenancies and, for example, taking care of remedial measures and representing Deutsche Wohnen at external appointments, for example, when inspecting apartments.


You will learn how to create and evaluate exposés and how to carry out object analyses and evaluations. Other tasks are preparing and processing sales. You will be dealing with people a great deal and learn how to accurately place sales arguments and how to accompany interested parties throughout the entire sales process up to notarisation.

Housing management

You will learn all about the rights and obligations of owners and administrators, prepare accounts and carry out administrative activities, including the preparation, follow-up and implementation of owner meetings.

Rent management (operating costs/rent calculation)

You will learn from colleagues how annual accounts are prepared and invoices checked and posted. Calculating rent and adjusting profitability calculations are also tasks for which you will be responsible.

Receivables management (rent accounting)

Here you will learn how to control rent receipts, create reminders and learn everything about the dunning and complaint system.


You will work with architects and assist them in preparing tenders and commissioning and accepting construction projects. This is a crucial part of accommodation design and development. You will also learn all about the technical aspects of the residential complexes, e.g. when orders are placed or invoices are processed, to ensure that the technology runs without any problems.

Accounting system/taxes

It’s all about the figures: You will deal with the company’s entire payment transactions, including transfer types, cash operations and creating invoices and repayment plans. You will also process loan lists, prepare document postings and also postings according to the chart of accounts and posting programmes. Other content includes business-segment-related monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements, statistics and reports for the preparation of decisions and the processing of account statements.


It’s good to know everything’s going according to plan: You will be involved in the necessity to constantly monitor the profitability of operational services. You will learn a lot about target/actual comparisons, budgets and commercial management and control tasks. Here, it is particularly important to evaluate and summarise statistics and reports for the preparation of decisions.

Interested in a future at Deutsche Wohnen?

Time of application for the 2019 training year is over. You can apply for the next period starting in 2020 in Berlin, Rhein-Main or Koblenz soon.

Room for questions.

Katrin Birnbaum

"It’s great that you’re interested in an apprenticeship at our company. As this opens up the best prospects – with us, in the job market and in a professional field full of exciting opportunities. If you have any further questions about apprenticeships, please contact me."

Our apprentices get involved

In December 2017, each apprentice donated 10 euros of their Christmas budget to fulfil the Christmas wishes of children in need as part of the Aktion Wunschbaum campaign. Every year, Christmas trees are placed in various town halls and other public buildings in Berlin, so that children can attach their wishes to them and which are then fulfilled by sponsors. Our apprentices took care of and packed the presents and helped to distribute them.


Since 2015, the BBA – Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft e.V. has been supporting non-profit associations in our city of Berlin. Apprentices select various clubs and collect money for them at a volleyball tournament. The higher the ranking of a team in the volleyball tournament, the more prize money the non-profit club for which the team plays. The proceeds from the home-made catering also go directly to the clubs. Deutsche Wohnen has supported this event with a sponsorship package right from the start.

The Ausbildungszentrum OTA offers vocational orientation, vocational preparation and vocational training measures for eligible and disabled people in need of support. Our apprentices are taking part in the OTA’s action week in July 2018 and are holding several courses on the topic of “My first apartment” as part of a workshop.

Together with other vocational school students, eight of our trainees supported a donation project by the Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe für soziales Wohnungs – und Siedlungswesen in November 2017. The project is aimed at small farmers in Nicaragua and promotes the expansion and construction of small earthquake-resistant houses. As “cafetiero” or “cafetiera”, the apprentices invited guests to an event organised by the Association of Berlin and Brandenburg Housing Companies to a coffee tasting with fair trade coffee from Nicaragua. This generated interest and awareness for the project.