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Our values

It’s easier to feel a corporate culture than to read about it. Until we meet in person, you can find our values written into words here.


Doing instead of wanting.

Theoretical papers and weeks of discussion for the sake of argument don’t get us anywhere. That is why we approach things with healthy pragmatism because nothing is more convincing than results. Deliberate. Test. Learn. Repeat.

Traditionally inquisitive.

Just as Bruno Taut rethought building, we search for new ways with an inquiring mind. That’s why we value employees who think differently, try out new ideas and see change as an opportunity. This mindset requires courage and a culture that rewards courage.


The best idea counts.

Everyone has the opportunity to shape things. We create optimal solutions by working together. It’s only ever about the idea and not the person who says it – whether intern or board member.

There’s no I in team.

Team spirit is not an empty phrase for us – it is the bedrock for long-term satisfaction. Team spirit means that everyone pursues his or her goal in the spirit of the team and not as a lone wolf. Our team needs people who take responsibility. Again and again.

Respect is non-negotiable.

Envy, selfishness, arrogance and discrimination have no place for us because mutual respect forms the basis of our cooperation. We work in an atmosphere of openness, trust and appreciation.

We keep our word tomorrow, too.

Our visions go beyond the next quarter. We think and act in an entrepreneurial way because we dare to make decisions and assume long-term responsibility. The basis of our decisions are our convictions and values – and we don’t change these every day.


Fascinated by aesthetics.

We are fascinated by aesthetics, architecture and our holdings. Moreover, we love what we do. However, we aren’t just enthusiastic about building culture, but especially about the people who live in the rooms and how we can make their lives more attractive.

Striving for more.

Just as good architecture strives for perfection, we strive to improve every day. Because we never simply uphold the status quo. Our quest for more constantly allows us to improve on the smallest details over and over.


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