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For us, that isn’t just about funding projects by young, talented urban artists. We also supply the artists with their canvas – in the form of walls from buildings in our residential portfolio. Die Dixons from Berlin Art Bang e.V., also known as the creators of the temporary art project The Haus and the Berlin Mural Fest, help us select the artists. With our commitment to neighbourhood art, we aim to promote young talent and help create a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood culture.

Projects we support:

  • Colourful Animal Kingdom (Fio Silva)
  • The Stralsunder Sea Captain (stereoheat)
  • Meditation in the Chaos (Huariu)
  • A Beautiful Mind (TANK)

Fio Silva

From March 2019, Mentelinstrasse 45 in the Berlin district of Treptow-Köpenick will be home to an especially colourful mural entitled ‘Colourful Animal Kingdom’. Fio Silva – the creator of this work of art – is a muralist and illustrator from Argentina. Her subjects are mostly found in nature and the animal kingdom. Colour plays a crucial role in her work, lending her compositions their own unique energy and dynamism.



Image rights: Million Motions

In December 2018, Berlin artist stereoheat created The Stralsunder Sea Captain at Stralsunder Straße 33 in the German capital’s Wedding district. Stereoheat is renowned on the urban art scene for his colourful and striking comic-style portraits.



Image rights: Million Motions

At Manteuffelstrasse, on the corner of Wrangelstrasse, in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, Portuguese artist Huariu has presented an impressive work of urban art entitled ‘Meditation in the Chaos’ since November 2018. The expressive black-and-white portraits are this newcomer’s calling card. His murals can already be found in cities like Lisbon.


Image rights: Million Motions

Since September 2018, one wall of the building at Manteuffelstraße 12 in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district has been adorned with an impressive mural by Berlin artist TANK. The lady with the bird brightens up the building’s previously dreary-looking wall.


Image rights: Million Motions

Back in 2007, Parisian artist Victor Ash painted his astronaut/cosmonaut on the wall of a building in Kreuzberg’s Oranienstrasse, provided by GSW (part of Deutsche Wohnen since 2013). The massive image of an astronaut was curated by Adrian Nabi for the exhibition "Backjumps - The Live Issue#3" and became one of Berlin’s best-known works of street art. Paris-born Victor Ash, also known as ‘Ash’, lives and works in Copenhagen.

Image Rights: Million Motions