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With various measures we will minimise the energy requirement of our properties, and we will use energy sources that emit as little carbon dioxide as possible to cover the remaining unavoidable energy requirement. Our goal is to reduce the carbon intensity from currently 33 kg CO2e per sqm to below 12 kg CO2e per sqm by 2040. This corresponds to the target range for a near-climate-neutral property portfolio as defined by the Initiative Wohnen 2050 (IW.2050) and others.


Good starting point

Deutsche Wohnen began modernising the fabric of its buildings and heating systems many years ago, installing combined heat and power plants and switching to more environmentally friendly sources of energy. Today, some 90% of the communal electricity requirement in the rental properties is already covered by 100% certified hydroelectric power. As a result, we already have a climate-friendly portfolio compared with the industry average.

Deutsche Wohnen intends to improve on this good starting point in the years ahead by means of focused investment, especially increasing the amount of decentralised heating supplied by combined heat and power plants and the use of renewable energies. The roll-out of photovoltaic systems will successively provide renewable power for the estates. New construction of climate-friendly buildings, home automation services and intelligent heating management systems will also contribute to achieving the goal of climate-neutrality. We have identified five key action areas which we intend to leverage to make our property portfolio climate-neutral.

One goal – 5 measures

We are investing in what is known as sector coupling: linking decentralised heat generation and efficient combined heat and power plants with renewable electricity generation and a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

We are refurbishing our portfolio to make it more energyefficientand thereby improve the environmental footprint of our properties.

By continuously increasing the proportion of district heating we are significantly reducing the primary energy factor of our final energy consumption and thus making our heating systems more climate-friendly.

A key focus of our investment is to reduce the resources required for new construction for our portfolio and to meet high energy-efficiency standards, based on certification to the DGNB Gold standard. We also strive to achieve the KfW 55 standard, which calls for an energy requirement that is 20% lower than that required under current legislation of the German Energy Saving Ordinance.

We enable our tenants to save energy with automated consumption controls and help them to make their own choices more climate-friendly by means of smart home solutions.

Together with our tenants

We want to reconcil affordable housing with climateappropriate construction. Therefore we reiterate our promise that no tenant will lose their apartment due to an energy-efficiency refurbishment.

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