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We base our approach on the leading evaluation systems for measuring property companies’ performance in terms of sustainability, particularly EPRA sBPR and GRESB. Our focus is on the aspects of the environment, society and corporate governance – what are known as the ESG criteria (ecological, social, governance).



Every year since 2012 EPRA [European Public Real Estate Association], the eurpean association of listed property companies, has given out the Sustainability Awards. Their aim is to encourage companies in the property industry to be more open and transparent with regard to their sustainability reporting, in line with the EPRA Best Practice Recommendations on Sustainability Reporting [EPRA sBPR]. In 2020, Deutsche Wohnen received the EPRA Sustainability Gold Award for the fourth consecutive year.


EPRA Sustainability Reporting 2020 (PDF)


EPRA Sustainability Reporting 2019 (PDF)


EPRA Sustainability Reporting 2018 (PDF)


EPRA Sustainability Reporting 2017 (PDF)


ISS-ESG Corporate Rating

As part of the ISS-ESG corporate rating, Deutsche Wohnen has been awarded "Prime" status for the third time in 2020. It is given to companies that meet the demanding requirements of ISS-ESG for the sustainability performance in their industry. Only about 20% of the approximately 300 real estate companies rated by ISS-ESG worldwide have been granted the "Prime" status.


German Sustainability Code (DNK)

Deutsche Wohnen also published its third declaration of compliance with the German Sustainability Code (DNK) in November 2018 and therefore fulfills the sector-specific requirements stipulated in the supplement for the residential real estate industry.

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