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With around 30,000 listed residential units, we are the largest residential property owner for listed buildings in Germany. Notably, our portfolio includes four estates within the UNESCO World Heritage site Berlin Modernism Housing Estates: Ringsiedlung Siemensstadt, Weiße Stadt, Wohnstadt Carl Legien and Hufeisensiedlung Britz. By protecting and constantly maintaining historical buildings and listed architecture, we make a major contribution to preserving culture identity. And thanks to our extensive experience working with valuable building culture, we are able to take historic buildings into the future carefully and with regard to conservation, ensuring the facilities remain for generations to come.


We don’t just appreciate groundbreaking creativity in architecture. We also treasure it in the wider world of the arts. We want to support this creativity and raise awareness of art and culture, as they contribute to a free and functioning society.

These topics are important to us

As an urban property company with many diverse neighbourhoods in Germany’s major cities, promoting public art is especially important to us. That’s why Deutsche Wohnen is involved in developing the urban art scene, financing projects by young artists and providing building surfaces as canvases for urban works of art. With this approach, we aim not only to promote young art but also to create a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood culture in Berlin.

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We have a long tradition of supporting art and artists in our company, dating back to the 1920s: back then, Berlin’s GEHAG was working with the famous architect Bruno Taut, who was originally a painter and a member of the Glass Chain collective. The first GEHAG Forum exhibition in the late 1980s was dedicated to him. This institution still presents a variety of modern works of art to this day.

More about the GEHAG Forum

The Bröhan-Museum is a special and epochal museum of art nouveau, art deco and functionalism with an international focus. It was named after the Berlin art collector and entrepreneur Karl H. Bröhan, who gifted his private collection to the state of Berlin on his 60th birthday. For many years, it was possible to visit the Bröhan-Museum for free on every first Wednesday of the month. This had to stop on cost-related grounds in November 2015. In Deutsche Wohnen, the museum now has a partner whose financial commitment has once again secured the day of free entry for the long term – even for special exhibitions. The free-entry days are also enhanced by free after-work curators’ tours.

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Deutsche Wohnen is a member of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur and advocates for quality and considered planning and construction. Four building culture workshops supported by Deutsche Wohnen were held in 2017 and 2018. On 8 and 9 March 2018 in Dessau, Germany, a building culture workshop on the topic of existing property portfolios took place. The two-day event brought together architects, urban planners, monument curators as well as trade and property businesses. It focused on the fact that around three quarters of all building investment in Germany goes into holdings. Discussions covered ideas and paths for the future, and exemplary projects were presented, such as the refurbishment of our forest estate in Berlin’s Zehlendorf district.

Deutsche Wohnen opened an information station in Hufeisensiedlung Britz and Ringsiedlung Siemensstadt in 2011 and 2012. The information stations are meeting points for residents, visitors and architecture buffs, and offer informative exhibits on both UNESCO World Heritage sites. The information station in Hufeisensiedlung Britz is operated by the architectural tour company Ticket B and the Freunde und Förderer der Hufeisensiedlung Berlin-Britz e. V. neighbourhood association. The information station in Ringsiedlung Siemensstadt is also operated by Ticket B.

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