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The employees of the Housing Office of Hestia e. V.

‘Our mission is to enable women and children to move into their own flat following a stay at a women’s refuge. A safe home is a fundamental prerequisite for an independent, violence-free life,’ explains Ulrike Leyh of Hestia e.V. ‘The successful, straightforward partnership with Deutsche Wohnen helps us fulfil our challenging mission – and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.’

Deutsche Wohnen has been making flats available for the organisation for the past five years, with 20 such flats provided in 2018 alone. The property company offers suitable flats before they enter the usual letting procedure. Insolvency, debt and other problems do not represent a barrier to placement. The aim of the commitment made by Deutsche Wohnen is to facilitate non-bureaucratic and targeted assistance for women in need.

Sadly, the demand for such flats remains high, as one in four women experience domestic violence. There is also a shortage of places at women’s refuges in Berlin, which, in particular, makes it hard for women with children to find a safe place. There are numerous hurdles to renting a flat, which is partly due to the high demand witnessed on the Berlin property market.

On account of their situation, most women have multiple issues and have to struggle on numerous fronts to build a life free from violence.

Hestia e.V. helps affected women leave violent relationships and supports them and their children in their search for a home. With great success: in 2018, 246 women affected by domestic violence managed to find a new home for them and their children with the assistance of Hestia e.V.

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