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The German federal government has declared 2019 ‘Year of the Climate’ and has set a target for the end of the year to agree a climate protection act and a programme of measures that should ensure the climate protection goals for 2030 are achieved. Recently, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke in favour of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Members of the Climate Protection Act Business Initiative were working on multi-industry and sector-specific position papers in recent months, which they have now published, with certain recommendations on achieving climate protection targets. In addition to those from the construction sector, experts from industry and transport also took part.

‘I think the chancellor’s stated goal of carbon neutrality in Germany by 2050 is ambitious and right,’ says Michael Zahn, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Wohnen. Every industry must live up to its responsibility. This also and particularly includes the property sector. Ultimately, there are around 21 million buildings in Germany, causing over a third of the country’s emissions.

‘But protecting the climate costs money. You have to be open about that and find fair solutions. Smart CO2 pricing is the only way to reward environmentally friendly behaviour,’ says Zahn. As such, it was important that it be revenue-neutral and socially responsible.

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