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Gita Kurdpoor at work / ©gitasart

Gita Kurdpoor wants her art to enrich and inspire everyone who sees it. Her latest project tackles the issues of self-discovery and self-determination in our fast-paced global society. Gita Kurdpoor spent every day for four weeks on scaffolding, creating her work with a keen eye for detail. Residents followed the artist’s work with great interest and even brought her sustenance at regular intervals. The project’s completion was celebrated with a round of applause and a glass of fizz.

“The last four weeks I’ve spent working on this project have made me very happy. Seeing how residents have followed and appreciated my work has been an external source of validation. For me personally, spending up to 15 hours every day for four weeks working on these walls has been an incredible experience. Truly amazing. I’m incredibly grateful and I’ll leave the site on the last day with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. I’m also astonished once again by how emotional I get at the end of a job like this,” says Gita Kurdpoor.

Gita Kurdpoor has previously created another four works of art on Berlin walls in partnership with Deutsche Wohnen. The four new murals are entitled “The Six Senses”, “The right path”, “The Focus” and “The Transition”. The artist takes us on her journey through the senses, which are gradually transformed by what we do and our own perceptions.

The Six Senses / ©gitasart

The Right Path / ©gitasart

The Focus / ©gitasart

The Transition / ©gitasart

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