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The starting point for this partnership is cooperation in the area of calculating heating and hot water costs. Comgy has already fitted intelligent metering technology with the accompanying radio infrastructure in several thousand of Deutsche Wohnen’s flats. This technology provides the basis for optimising the calculation of heating and hot water costs and for regulating heating systems in Deutsche Wohnen’s properties.

As Holger Rentel, a director of Deutsche Wohnen explains, “We see digitisation as a major opportunity to improve our core processes in property management – something that in the end is intended to benefit our customers in particular. We are delighted that we have found in Comgy a further partner with the necessary know-how and systems development competence in this area to fit in with our strategic vision. We see shared potential particularly in the future challenges posed by the calculation and metering of heating and hot water costs, remote surveillance and other aspects of networking properties and the Internet of Things (IoT).”

Ruben Haas, the CEO of Comgy, adds, “Deutsche Wohnen is a strong and exciting partner for us because of the pioneering role it plays in innovation in the European property sector. We digitise the calculation of heating and hot water costs and, with our multi-functional IoT gateways, lay the foundation for further smart building functionality. Owners, tenants, property managers and external service providers benefit equally from this technology.”


Deutsche Wohnen

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading publicly listed property companies in Germany and Europe. Its operating focus is on managing and developing its portfolio, concentrating on residential properties. As at 31 December 2018, the portfolio comprised 167,000 units in total, of which 164,300 were residential and 2,700 commercial.Deutsche Wohnen is listed on Deutsche Börse’s MDAX index and also traded on the leading indices EPRA/NAREIT, STOXX® Europe 600 and GPR 250.


Comgy GmbH

Comgy is a provider of digital metering solutions for the property and energy industry. With its innovative soft- and hardware developments in the area of digital processes, Comgy creates greater transparency and speed, and also generates cost savings in the metering, visualisation and calculation of energy consumption. Owners, tenants, property managers and external service providers benefit equally from this technology. Comgy’s services range from full-service solutions to metering services and SaaS products for clients who want to calculate their own energy consumption costs. The aim of all of these services is to enable the compilation of transparent and intelligible statements of accounts with a view to making meaningful energy savings and avoiding additional payments. Comgy was founded in 2007 by Ruben Haas, Lukas Krauter and Simon Stürtz. Based in Berlin, the company operates Germany-wide.

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