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Sustainability Report 2019

  • Reduction in carbon emissions of more than 25,000 tonnes in reporting year
  • Around 64% of portfolio evidences above-average energy efficiency
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and climate protection
  • Coronavirus aid fund for tenants and business partners


Michael Zahn, CEO of Deutsche Wohnen SE: “As one of the largest property companies in Europe, it is our responsibility to both act and operate our business sustainably, even in times of crisis. We affirm our commitment to continuing on the path we have begun and to continuously achieve the sustainability targets we have set. Recovery from the coronavirus crisis and a commitment to sustainability must go hand in hand.”

Support for tenants and business partners of 30 million euros in coronavirus aid fund

Deutsche Wohnen has created a coronavirus aid fund of over 30 million euros in order to offer support for those among its tenants, business partners and service providers who have found themselves in difficult financial situations as a result of the pandemic. Individual aid offers will be tailored by Deutsche Wohnen as required to the specific needs and situations of the tenants and partners concerned. Moreover, the company has made a pledge to forgo tenant terminations resulting from payment difficulties and to not implement rent increases during the crisis.

Comprehensive investment in climate protection

Deutsche Wohnen sees the real estate sector as having a key part to play in the climate policy goals of the German federal government being achieved. Approximately 30% of national climate emissions are attributable to the buildings sector. The company has thus invested over 50 million euros in climate protection during the year under review. The focus here was particularly on energy-related refurbishment of buildings and its technical systems. For both portfolio buildings and new-builds, Deutsche Wohnen chooses energy supply from environmentally friendly generation and sustainable heat insulation, and it procures general electricity for the majority of its holdings wholly from hydroelectric power.
Through these measures, Deutsche Wohnen was able to avoid more than 25,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in the reporting year and further raise the energy efficiency of its properties. The average consumption of the portfolio decreased to 128.9 kWh/sqm per annum (2018: 132.3 kWh/sqm per annum). Currently, some 64% of the Deutsche Wohnen portfolio performs better in terms of energy footprint than the average for residential buildings in Germany of 135.5 kWh/sqm per annum.

Promise to tenants, Berlin Dialogue and the Pact for Fair Housing

Public discourse over the past year was shaped considerably, in addition to climate change, by the topic of affordable housing in Germany’s major cities and metropolitan areas. Deutsche Wohnen therefore actively sought out dialogue with representatives from the business sector, policymakers and the broader public and called into being a forum for constructive exchange on the challenges facing the Berlin residential property market. Prior to this, Deutsche Wohnen also made a concrete and practical contribution toward easing the tense situation on the housing market by making its tenants a promise. The “Pact for Fair Housing”, which Deutsche Wohnen has published, also summarises the results of the Berlin Dialogue. Michael Zahn: “Climate protection and tenant protection may not be pitted one against the other. We need both: energy-efficient apartments and affordable rents.” In order to create the urgently needed housing, the company will be investing approximately three billion euros in the development of sustainable districts over the coming years.

Deutsche Wohnen receives good marks from tenants and staff

More than 87% of Deutsche Wohnen tenants are satisfied with their apartment. 78% give Deutsche Wohnen a rating of “good”. These were the results of a 2019 representative survey of tenants. In order to maintain this pleasing outcome, take critical feedback on board and continuously raise the quality of its properties and services, the company will from 2019 be conducting the tenant survey annually.

Deutsche Wohnen’s business success rests decisively on its having motivated and qualified employees. The most recent staff survey likewise has good marks for Deutsche Wohnen with 77% of employees saying they are overall satisfied with Deutsche Wohnen as an employer. 95% of managers and approximately 70% of employees would recommend Deutsche Wohnen as an employer. To hold on to its employees in the long term, the company offers them fair and market-oriented remuneration and enables a good work-life balance. Deutsche Wohnen furthermore has implemented occupational health management and rewards long-term company loyalty. In 2019 as well, Deutsche Wohnen invested in staff development to ensure its employees are optimally qualified: a total of 17,000 work hours were utilised for development measures.

The current Sustainability Report and Magazine are available for download at the following link:
The Sustainability Report supplements the Annual Report by providing more detailed information on Deutsche Wohnen’s understanding of sustainability as well as on its sustainability-related activities.


Deutsche Wohnen

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading publicly listed property companies in Germany and Europe. Its operating focus is on managing and developing its portfolio, concentrating on residential properties. As of 31 March 2020, its portfolio comprised 164,253 units, of which 161,466 are residential and 2,787 commercial. Deutsche Wohnen is part of Deutsche Börse’s MDAX index and also features in the important indices EPRA/NAREIT, STOXX Eu-rope 600, GPR 250 and DAX 50 ESG.


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