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Strong sense of neighborhood with Deutsche Wohnen

Our tenants’ overall level of satisfaction with their flats is more than 87 %. This is an increase compared with the figure from the first survey in 2017 (81 %). All in all, 78 % of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with Deutsche Wohnen, an increase of seven percentage points compared with the last survey. And tenants rate very positively both the sense of neighborliness where they live and the friendliness of tradesmen and Deutsche Wohnen staff. In both these cases, the level of satisfaction is approximately 90 %.

The response rate in the tenants’ survey was approximately 36 %, which is almost double that of 2017 (20 %).

As Lars Urbansky, a member of the board of management of Deutsche Wohnen SE, explains, “We are delighted that we have been able to include in the public debate of the past few months the opinion of the people who really matter: our tenants. The results of the survey show that our tenants feel that they are in good hands with us. This is very good news. The high level of participation in the survey also shows that our tenants are interested to enter into dialogue with us. This increase in the level of interest of our tenants is clear evidence of the positive experiences they have already had with our tenants’ survey. Equally, however, the survey also shows us the areas in which we must improve our performance. This is particularly true of our speed of response in dealing with tenants’ issues and reports of defects.”


Measures to improve response times

Deutsche Wohnen is already actively working on these points and sees the tenants’ survey as confirmation of the path it has already embarked on. Currently, our customer service is being centralised with the goal of improving processing speeds markedly and of dealing with enquiries more promptly in future. This new structure is being put in place from the beginning of this year. In addition, the expansion of our digital customer portal is intended to achieve further improvements in service quality.

The survey also indicates further potential for improvement, particularly when it comes to keeping our properties clean and tidy. In order to achieve close control and maintenance, particularly in our properties in Berlin, Deutsche Wohnen has made significant changes to the personnel and structure of its wholly owned subsidiary FACILITA Berlin GmbH over the past two years. Accordingly, the number of caretakers has been increased to 300. This means that there is more time at a local level to improve service, cleanliness and security in our properties and that tenants have someone they can contact if there is a problem.

Deutsche Wohnen conducted its first tenants’ survey in 2017. In future, it is planned to carry out these surveys on an annual basis. In doing so, it is our aim to respond even more promptly to the needs of our customers and to make further improvements to both the customer service and the product quality provided by Deutsche Wohnen.

As Lars Urbansky points out, “Following our Berlin dialogue with interested members of the public, it is in particular an ongoing dialogue with our tenants that is a key pre-requisite for Deutsche Wohnen’s continued improvement. It is our aim that every tenant with Deutsche Wohnen should feel comfortable and fairly treated. The tenant is at the heart of all our endeavours.”


Information about the survey

For the first time, Deutsche Wohnen’s 2019 tenants’ survey was conducted by AktivBo, which is an institute providing analysis and consultancy services and specialising in tenants’ surveys for the housing industry. For the current representative survey, a total of 34,000 households across the whole of Germany were contacted whereby some individual estates, particularly in Berlin, were surveyed in full. The response rate was approximately 36 %. In each case, the survey was anonymised, so it is not possible to identify individual respondents. The feedback of the tenants was only evaluated in aggregated form.

Further charts and data can be obtained from Deutsche Wohnen at pr(at)

Deutsche Wohnen

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading publicly listed property companies in Germany and Europe with a business focus on managing and developing its portfolio, which consists mainly of residential properties. As at 30 September 2019, the portfolio comprised 169,500 units in total, of which 166,700 were residential and 2,800 commercial. Deutsche Wohnen owns flats in four Berlin Modernist estates, which were declared UNESCO world heritage sites in July 2008: the White City Estate, the Horseshoe Estate in Britz, the Carl Legien residential estate and the Ring Estate in Siemensstadt.

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