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The DW fund for Falkenhagener Feld in Berlin-Spandau is now strongly established. Since 2014, Deutsche Wohnen has put EUR 10,000 into the fund every year and, in this way, has supported a number of projects in the neighbourhood. With the help of the fund, the company has supported the continuous development of the local neighbourhood.

Last year, for example, the project “Social learning on the move” was co-financed. Two local primary schools, “The school by the waterworks” and “The school on the city outskirts”, chose a topic that is, unfortunately, of current relevance: bullying and conflicts in schools. In the project “social learning”, several hundred pupils engaged with this topic. Working together with professional conflict coaches, they learnt how to deal with difficult situations and to treat each other with respect and without resorting to violence.

“Social learning”, however, is just one of many examples. Football tournaments, processions with lanterns, handicraft projects, Christmas markets – but also specific items like table tennis tables or bouncy castles – were financed with the help of money from the DW fund.

Up till now, Deutsche Wohnen has supported projects for children and young people. Starting this year, projects for all people in Falkenhagener Feld will be eligible for support. Any social project can apply for funding, by email to: or by letter to: Quartiersmanagement Falkenhagener Feld Ost, Pionierstraße 129, 13589 Berlin.

As of now, any active initiatives and associations in Falkenhagener Feld can apply for support from the fund. There is only one requirement for an application to be successful. The application must come from Falkenhagener Feld and be intended for Falkenhagener Feld.


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