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Hanover, 04.10.2017

As the city councillor for building and construction, Uwe Bodemann, explains, "I am very pleased that, with the help of our funds for urban development from the "Social City" programme, we are achieving marked improvements in housing quality in the redevelopment area of Sahlkamp-Mitte and that, in the course of this refurbishment work, the buildings will be given an up-to-date energy-efficiency standard." It is intended that the modernisation of, in particular, the building shell will achieve a minimum heat requirement in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance [Energieeinsparverordnung – EnEV] and an overall reduction in energy consumption of approximately 50 kW/h. This has already been achieved in the first phase of construction in the buildings at 3-17 (odd numbers) Spessartweg. The work will involve mounting a composite heat insulation system on the facade. In addition, the windows and balcony doors will be replaced. To reduce the energy consumption of the buildings as a whole, it is also planned to insulate the cellar ceilings.

A varied colour scheme will ensure that the individual building entrances are recognisable and have their own identity - and that the overall appearance of the facades is vibrant and lively. It is also planned to improve the facades in the entrance areas so that the buildings have an open and friendly atmosphere when entered. Finally, the work will also involve redesigning the external areas and the green spaces in the courtyards to make them more attractive.

As Lars Wittan, the deputy CEO of Deutsche Wohnen SE, points out, "With this decision to continue the modernisation work here, we are making good on our announcement that we would take responsibility for developing the Sahlkamp district. I am absolutely sure that, together with the city of Hanover and the federal state of Lower Saxony, we can continue to achieve a lot for the Sahlkamp residents."

Further collaboration in the Sahlkamp district agreed

Deutsche Wohnen and the city of Hanover have reached agreement on some further points too. Accordingly, it is planned, amongst other things, to modernise the lifts in the tower block on Elmstraße. Following the refurbishment of a total of 55 balconies in the building at 17, Elmstraße and 39, Schwarzwaldstraße in 2015, this work on the lifts represents a further step in the modernisation of the tower block. It has also been decided to explore options for redesigning and improving access to the shopping arcade that is next to the tower block with the aim of further improving the appeal and quality of these local amenities. With this in mind, Deutsche Wohnen and the city of Hanover will also look at building options for creating a better link between the shopping arcade and the market square in Sahlkamp.

A further topic for these joint conversations was the design of the southern gable wall in Schwarzwaldstraße. In conjunction with the redevelopment of the local park, the city of Hanover is planning to involve the local residents in an initiative to bring some colour to this concrete wall, which has made a gloomy impression up to now, and, in so doing, to contribute to making Sahlkamp more colourful. It is planned to launch this project after the park has been redesigned and to implement it in summer 2018. Ways of strengthening the social infrastructure in the neighbourhood were also discussed.


Deutsche Wohnen has been the owner of this residential estate since 2012. In 2014, it agreed to work with the city of Hanover to upgrade the area. In 2015, Deutsche Wohnen carried out its first building work involving EUR 500,000 when it refurbished 55 balconies in the building at the corner of 17, Elmstraße and 39 Schwarzwaldstraße. In the current year, the company is refurbishing buildings with a total of 113 flats at 3-17 (odd numbers), Spessartweg in a pilot project with funds from the "Social City" programme. The residents were allowed to be involved in deciding on the colour scheme for the facades. Since acquiring these properties, Deutsche Wohnen has been actively involved in the neighbourhood, for example with its continuing support for the NaDu children’s centre, the Christmas market and further projects in Sahlkamp.

Deutsche Wohnen manages approximately 800 flats in Sahlkamp-Mitte, and more than 1,400 in the entire Sahlkamp district. The company owns approximately 4,000 flats in Hanover and more than 5,000 in the entire Hanover region.

Deutsche Wohnen

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading publicly listed property companies in Germany and Europe with a business focus on managing and developing its portfolio, which consists mainly of residential properties. As at 30 June 2017, the portfolio comprised 163,000 units in total, of which 160,500 were residential and 2,500 commercial. Deutsche Wohnen owns flats in four Berlin Modernist estates, which were declared UNESCO world heritage sites in July 2008: the White City Estate, the Horseshoe Estate in Britz, the Carl Legien residential estate and the Ring Estate in Siemensstadt.

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