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Mainz, 28.06.2017

A characteristic of the new flats is that they have a variety of floor plans and give the new tenants plenty of scope for creativity. Accordingly, they are not just suitable for couples, families and single-person households; they also work for flat-sharing. There are no through rooms, and the rooms are similar in size. Each of the flats comes with a south-facing roof terrace with additional balconettes. The bright and airy flats are also finished to a high standard. They come with parquet flooring, whilst the modern bathrooms have natural light and are equipped with a bathtub and a heated towel rail. The combined living room and dining area also adds to the overall level of comfort. The new flats are now available for let. As of today, half of them have already found tenants.

The refurbishment of the existing apartments, of which there are 72, involves adding a thermal composite insulation system, exchanging the windows and insulating the ceilings of the cellars. In addition, the pipes and conduits will be refurbished and the flats, some of which still have oven heating, will be connected to the district heating system. The entrances to the building will also be re-designed and bicycle hoops added. The bins, which up till now have been kept in front of the entrance areas, will be relocated to central bin areas. Last but not least, the ground floor apartments will be given gardens, which will enhance the quality of life of the tenants there. A further addition to the tenants’ quality of life will be achieved by the relocation of the parking spaces, which up to now were right by the building. At the same time, the number of parking spaces will remain unchanged.

Deutsche Wohnen is working closely together with the architectural and urban planning firm “Die Baufrösche” on the comprehensive refurbishment of the building. This firm has already won the “Deutscher Bauherrenpreis” (a national award for building work) several times and most recently won the DMK Award for sustainable building. This collaboration has also generated the design for the new facade of the building. The reddish tone chosen for the ground floor establishes a link to the typical red sandstone from the Main area, which is well known in Mainz and which, for example, was used for the city’s cathedral. This colour also blends in with the colour used for buildings in the surrounding area. In order to break up a little the long and extended facade of the building, three different types of kitchen window will be used. The type of window used will in each case impact on the interior of the apartments as well. For example, windows that extend down to floor level will create a lot of light, whilst other types of window will make it possible to install window seating. On the outside, the effect will be a facade structure that is lively and much less rigid.

Deutsche Wohnen

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading publicly listed property companies in Germany and Europe with a business focus on managing and developing its portfolio, which consists mainly of residential properties. As at 31 March 2017, the portfolio comprised 159,962 units in total, of which 157,790 were residential and 2,172 commercial. In the Rhine-Main metropolitan region, Deutsche Wohnen owns approximately 9,900 flats. In Mainz, the company operates 902 flats.

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