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Berlin, 27.03.2017

As Bettina Werner, managing director of the Infrastructural Network for Environmental Protection [Infrastrukturelles Netzwerk Umweltschutz – INU], the charitable body that runs the Open-Air Laboratory Marzahn, explains, “Our project has enjoyed great acceptance amongst children in the borough of Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Especially children from socially disadvantaged families benefit from what we offer. We would like to thank Deutsche Wohnen for continuing this collaboration.”</p

The Open-Air Laboratory Marzahn is an out-of-school teaching facility for children in Torgauer Straße 6 in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. It informs children about and raises their awareness of ecological issues. For example, trips to nature conservation areas in Hönow and Wuhletal are offered, as well as workshops on specific topics or a visit to the laboratory’s own bee colony (a cooperative venture with “Wuhletal 1864”, the local beekeepers’ association).

In the words of Stefanie Greske, the Head of the Service Point in Hellersdorf, “We have been delighted to see how popular the “Teamwork Nature Games” project has been with local children. So, we are happy to continue to support this project in 2017. In doing so, we want to contribute to the process of getting children interested in nature.”

As part of the project, the children are put into teams and given tasks which they must carry out together in the natural environment, for example, wood carving, making dolls out of hay, tests of the five senses and games focussing on movement, teamwork or concentration. These activities help the children not only to acquire knowledge about nature through play, but also to acquire skills in teamwork, problem-solving and communication.

Deutsche Wohnen

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