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Berlin, 07.12.2017

As Michael Zahn, CEO of Deutsche Wohnen SE explains, “We were pleasantly surprised by this unusually high response rate. We have now received clear feedback from a very large number of our customers concerning customer service, the residential environment and the carrying out of refurbishment measures. It is very valuable that we now know the point of view of our tenants. At the same time, the results also reveal weaknesses. Of course, we can still improve our strategy of further developing our customer orientation by, for example, becoming more visible in the local estate.”

Accordingly, Deutsche Wohnen has already taken initial steps in recent months to improving its customer service. FACILITA Berlin GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Wohnen, has significantly increased its staffing levels in order to quickly achieve the goal of being able to take care of all the holdings in Berlin. By deploying caretakers locally with direct responsibility for a given estate, FACILITA will ensure that in future there will be further contact persons in all of the holdings in Berlin to deal with the concerns of both individual tenants and the estate in general.

Across all regions, 80% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with their flat. A mere 4% are not satisfied at all. When asked about the most important points regarding their estate and residential environment, respondents from all regions mentioned above all security, cleanliness and refuse disposal.

Michael Zahn: “Our customers regard the topic of security in their residential environment as particularly important. This is not just a significant message for us as the landlord but, in my view, something of broader socio-political relevance. We will do our bit to ensure that, in the case of such important issues as cleanliness and tidy green areas, we put things on the right track. Our employees see this as an important task. And the foundations for having a good working relationship with our tenants locally are there: after all, a clear majority of our customers rate the employees and partners of the Deutsche Wohnen Group as friendly, competent and reliable.”

A further topic in this survey was the question as to which services in future the tenants expect and would use. Over 80% of the tenants are very interested in the idea of us extending the opportunities for them to make personal contact with us on site or in the vicinity. Online services like a service app are also interesting for the majority of tenants. By contrast, the demand for carsharing services was relatively low.

The survey was conducted by SKOPOS, an international marketing institute with more than 20 years of experience in the conduct of studies in the area of market and communication research. By commissioning SKOPOS, we also ensured that the survey was anonymous. The results were only evaluated after they had been compiled. For this reason, it is not possible to draw any inferences about individual tenants.


Note to the editors:

For your reporting the results of the tenants‘ survey are available upon request (12 pages PDF with data and chart). Please click here.


Deutsche Wohnen

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