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Berlin, 05.01.2017

The association, which was founded in 2000, has set itself the task of introducing children to the world of books and the pleasure of reading. Its idea of using voluntary readers to take educationally disadvantaged children on exciting literary adventures is simple but effective. If children are read to regularly, this helps them to acquire language skills and to learn to read in school. As a result, their chances of achieving educational success are improved. In addition, being read to increases children’s levels of patience, stamina and concentration. As Ursula Frommholz, the director of Lesewelt Berlin, explains, “When adults look at books with children, this doesn’t just arouse the children’s interest in stories. It also means that they enjoy the feeling of being given care and attention by these adults.”
Lesewelt readings take place regularly once a week for children aged between 4 and 12 in public institutions like libraries, schools or nursery schools. Since the association was founded, children in Berlin have been able to enjoy more than 150,000 readings of stories. In recent years, Deutsche Wohnen has become convinced of the commitment and motivation of the association. The company is looking forward to being able to support the association in its crucially important work.

Deutsche Wohnen

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