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Hanover, 08.05.2017

As Jeanette Pietsch, head of the service point in Hanover, points out, “The presence of the Minister-President is wonderful recognition for the 15 years of successful work at the NaDu children’s centre. We are pleased to have been able to support this centre for a third of this time. Lots of our tenants’ children have a place here where they can learn, play and quite simply have a nice time.”

This support for the social infrastructure will be followed from 15 May by investment in the buildings on the estate. This day marks the official start of the refurbishment work which Deutsche Wohnen will be carrying out in Spessartweg 3-17. At the end of 2015, investments were made in the estate, whereby a total of 55 balconies in Elmstraße 17 and Schwarzwaldstraße 39 were refurbished at a cost of around EUR 0.5 million.

The NaDu children’s centre started life in a two-room flat in Spessartweg. It was here in 1998 that activities were offered to children and adolescents in the neighbourhood for the first time. The great demand for these activities led to the building of the NaDu children’s centre, which was opened in 2002. The centre provides an open meeting place for children and adolescents between 6 and 14 and offers numerous activities, ranging from help with learning and homework to painting, handicrafts, games, reading, baking or music and to the partaking of lunch together. The focus of the centre’s activities and projects is on learning and experiencing responsibility, independence and initiative.

Deutsche Wohnen acquired the residential properties in Sahlkamp in 2012. In the Hanover region, including Laatzen, Garbsen and Langenhagen, the company manages a total of 5,000 flats, of which approximately 4,000 are in Hanover itself. In Sahlkamp, Deutsche Wohnen has around 1,400 flats, of which 800 are located in Sahlkamp-Mitte.

Deutsche Wohnen

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading publicly listed property companies in Germany and Europe with a business focus on managing and developing its portfolio, which consists mainly of residential properties. As at 31 December 2016, the portfolio comprised 160,200 units in total, of which 158,000 were residential and 2,200 commercial. Deutsche Wohnen owns flats in four Berlin Modernist estates, which were declared UNESCO world heritage sites in July 2008: the White City Estate, the Horseshoe Estate in Britz, the Carl Legien residential estate and the Ring Estate in Siemensstadt.

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