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  • 26.03.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen increases its investment in the German residential property market

    Deutsche Wohnen SE made a number of strategic decisions in 2018 to successfully address the future challenges in the housing sector. The company significantly increased its investments to create and maintain housing, with spending on new construction up almost threefold. At the same time Deutsche Wohnen increased its investment in climate-protection measures for its portfolio, in order to make a contribution to the energy transition as a leading German property company. Investments into the digitisation of the company also went up significantly.

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  • 18.03.2019

    Lars Urbansky joins Management Board of Deutsche Wohnen SE

    The Supervisory Board of the Deutsche Wohnen SE has appointed Lars Urbansky (born 1976) as a new member of the Executive Board with effect from 1 April 2019. He is currently Managing Director of Deutsche Wohnen Immobilien Management GmbH.

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  • 29.01.2019

    Project of the month: Smart flatshare wins award as good example of energy transition

    The “smart” students’ flatshare, which was founded as part of the B-CoLab initiative, has won a “project of the month” award from the initiative “Berlin is saving energy”.

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  • 24.01.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen refurbishes 50-year-old building according to criteria for new builds and receives award from the German Association for Sustainable Building

    We usually only act as sustainably as this with new builds. This was the standard that Deutsche Wohnen set itself when refurbishing the residential and office building in Argentinische Allee. The company had the entire process from planning through to construction certified by the German Association for Sustainable Building [Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB]. The sustainability certification of the DGNB was in accordance with the requirements set out in the utilisation profile for new, mixed-use buildings.

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  • 19.12.2018

    Deutsche Wohnen acquires a further block

    Through its subsidiary DWRE Alpha GmbH, the Deutsche Wohnen Group has acquired a further block in Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin-Friedrichshain from Predac. The property in question is Block F-North, Karl-Marx-Allee 133, 135, 137, 139, 141 and 143. It is intended that this block too will be a long-term addition to the rental properties of the Deutsche Wohnen Group.

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  • 13.12.2018

    Deutsche Wohnen presents results of its 2018 stakeholder survey on sustainability

    From September to November 2018, Deutsche Wohnen carried out a comprehensive survey of its stakeholders regarding the topic of sustainability.

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  • 10.12.2018

    Put an end to this uncertainty for the tenants

    In response to the continuing reports about the acquisition by Deutsche Wohnen SE of approximately 800 residential and commercial units with listed status in Karl-Marx-Allee in the Berlin borough of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, the CEO Michael Zahn issued a statement.

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  • 28.11.2018

    Deutsche Wohnen publishes declaration of conformity with Sustainability Code

    Deutsche Wohnen has now published its declaration of conformity with the Sustainability Code for the 2017 reporting year; this is the company’s third such declaration. The company has furthermore fulfilled the sector-specific requirements stipulated in the supplement for the real estate industry.

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  • 21.11.2018

    Leading players in property industry start initiative for digital door entry system (IDiT)

    Leading players in the property industry have agreed to found the Initiative for Digital Door Entry Systems [Initiative Digitaler Türzugang] – IDiT for short.

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  • 14.11.2018

    Deutsche Wohnen expects further valuation increase

    Deutsche Wohnen successfully concluded the first nine months of the financial year 2018 with a consolidated group profit of EUR 756.7 million (9M 2017: EUR 706.0 million). In particular higher earnings from Residential Property Management and the improved financial result contributed to the increase in earnings.

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