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  • 17.05.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen expands Management Board to include Henrik Thomsen

    The Supervisory Board of Deutsche Wohnen SE decided today to appoint Henrik Thomsen (born 1964) onto the Management Board of the company. Mr Thomsen will take up his position with Deutsche Wohnen by 1 January 2020 at the latest.

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  • 14.05.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen makes a good start to the new financial year

    Deutsche Wohnen can look back on a positive first quarter. The company continued its policy of investing in its holdings. Of key importance in this process are sustainability and an intensive dialogue with all stakeholders. As result of acquisitions, consolidated profit rose by 7.4% to EUR 111 million in comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year.

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  • 26.04.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen and Comgy start a strategic partnership in the area of metering technology

    The Berlin-based residential property company Deutsche Wohnen and the prop tech company Comgy are treading a shared path when it comes to the digitisation of properties. Accordingly, the two companies have been in a partnership since last year.

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  • 23.04.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen demands an amicable solution in the proceedings concerning Karl-Marx-Allee

    Deutsche Wohnen welcomes the rulings of the Higher Regional Court of Berlin of last Thursday. In two appeal proceedings, the court decided to reject the appeals with which the housing association Friedrichshain mbH [Wohnungsbaugeselleschaft Friedrichshain – WBF] had once again sought to obtain interim injunctions against the purchase of Blocks B-North and C-South by Deutsche Wohnen. In the third set of proceedings, the court intends to reject the appeal of WBF by means of a simple decision, i.e. without an actual hearing, on the grounds that the appeal is clearly unfounded.

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  • 17.04.2019

    For the first time Deutsche Wohnen fits out an entire apartment building with a KIWI keyless entry system

    In February, Deutsche Wohnen completed the core refurbishment of the former women’s hall of residence of Hoechst AG in Heimchenweg, Frankfurt am Main. Following extensive restructuring work, the former hall of residence was converted into a micro-apartment building with 87 residential units. In addition to the many measures Deutsche Wohnen adopted to create this new housing, the company also invested in the digital infrastructure of the building in order to offer tenants greater convenience and to simplify the processes involved in managing the property. For the first time, all the doors of an apartment building of Deutsche Wohnen have been fitted with digital access technology. This project was carried out with the help of Arbonia, the leading door manufacturer, and KIWI, the provider of keyless entry systems.

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  • 29.03.2019

    With its DW fund, Deutsche Wohnen makes EUR 10,000 available to Falkenhagener Feld in Berlin-Spandau

    As in previous years, Deutsche Wohnen is putting EUR 10,000 into the DW fund for Falkenhagener Feld in Berlin-Spandau. The money is available to be used for social projects in the neighbourhood. As of now, local initiatives and associations in Falkenhagener Feld can apply for money from the fund.

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  • 26.03.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen increases its investment in the German residential property market

    Deutsche Wohnen SE made a number of strategic decisions in 2018 to successfully address the future challenges in the housing sector. The company significantly increased its investments to create and maintain housing, with spending on new construction up almost threefold. At the same time Deutsche Wohnen increased its investment in climate-protection measures for its portfolio, in order to make a contribution to the energy transition as a leading German property company. Investments into the digitisation of the company also went up significantly.

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  • 18.03.2019

    Lars Urbansky joins Management Board of Deutsche Wohnen SE

    The Supervisory Board of the Deutsche Wohnen SE has appointed Lars Urbansky (born 1976) as a new member of the Executive Board with effect from 1 April 2019. He is currently Managing Director of Deutsche Wohnen Immobilien Management GmbH.

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  • 13.03.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen receives award for its contribution to the Housing First for Women project

    Deutsche Wohnen cooperates on the Housing First for Women project with the Catholic Women’s Welfare Service [Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen – SkF], a Berlin association that offers help to children, young people, women and families who are in difficult circumstances in life. As one of the first residential property companies, Deutsche Wohnen has made flats available, for which women affected by homelessness have been able to sign a tenancy agreement. The company has now received an award for its engagement.

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  • 06.03.2019

    Deutsche Wohnen and the Berlin borough of Pankow conclude remedial agreements

    In December 2018, Deutsche Wohnen acquired a portfolio which consists of seven buildings in the berlin boroughs of Pankow, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Mitte. The four buildings in Pankow’s Flora neighbourhood are located in a protected area. Deutsche Wohnen and the borough of Pankow, which was represented by the Department for Urban Development and Local Services, have now concluded a remedial agreement for each of the four properties. The agreement gives the tenants of the residential and commercial units greater clarity and transparency.

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