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Efficient and eco-friendly

One way we produce environmentally friendly electricity is through our biogas-powered thermal power plant in the south of Berlin. This eco-friendly alternative to conventional power plants supplies heat and power to some 900 flats on our Imbrosweg estate in Marienfelde. It has an electric output of 902 kWel and a thermal output of 931 kWth. It is operated by G+D, a joint venture between Deutsche Wohnen and our partner GETEC.


Green energy from a thousand rooftops

Deutsche Wohnen hopes to make a key contribution to the energy revolution in major cities by promoting efficient heating systems and a decentralized electricity supply from solar panel systems in neighbourhoods. In partnership with GETEC, we aim to install 1,000 solar panel systems on the rooftops of our buildings – primarily in Berlin. Green energy generated using these systems can be supplied straight to building tenants without having to pass through the power network first. This protects resources and eases the strain on power networks. And best of all: it saves around 14,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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