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Put on talks

That’s why it’s important to us that we include the people who live in our properties in our plans. To do this, we prioritise discussion before work begins: in individual conversations with tenants, at information events and, above all, on an equal footing. In 2019 alone, we held a total of 230 personal discussions with our customers and concluded modernisation agreements covering topics such as alternative accommodation, rent reduction and compensation. Furthermore, our tenant advisers are available to discuss all sorts of organisational issues face to face with our customers at least once a week during consultation hours.

To us, consultation is about listening and taking action. This applies to individual tenant requirements regarding modernisation works and the concerns of the administration and local residents alike. One example of this is the new development and modernisation works taking place on Grellstrasse in the Berlin district of Pankow. The district and Deutsche Wohnen concluded a joint agreement in order to set a public example for the socially conscious implementation of building works in the district.

The aim of the agreement is to dispel any concerns tenants may have before building works have begun and before authorisation has been given in line with building and conservation law.

Dialog & information

We use various event formats to enter into a constructive conversation with our tenants on upcoming renovation works. In doing so, we also aim to promote communication between neighbours and help tenants identify with their own neighbourhood. Depending on requirements, however, we also work on a smaller scale, inviting tenants in groups in order to explain building works and answer queries. To do this, we use an apartment in the neighbourhood, for instance, where we hold smaller events for tenants every day over the course of a week. This ensures that a large number of tenants are provided with comprehensive information that is relevant to them. When holding these and other events, we do not shy away from high personnel costs. A large number of skilled staff are available to assist our tenants.


Modern tenant participation

Information, consultation, participation – Deutsche Wohnen is drawing on new and innovative modes of communication for its modernisation works.

Example Hellersdorfer Promenade

One example of this kind of consultation was the redesign of the outdoor areas in Berlin’s Hellersdorfer Promenade neighbourhood. Tenants’ requirements were raised and collectively discussed at a public information and consultation event – hosted by professional communications experts and attended by Deutsche Wohnen employees. This helped create positive communication between landlord and tenants from the outset. But that’s not all: the tenants’ suggestions also provided useful assistance in optimising the outdoor area design – particularly with regard to setting up street furniture, such as play equipment, benches, bins and bike racks.

Customer service for our tenants

Let us know your concerns via the following contact channels.

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