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In the early 1980s, VEB Energiebau Radebeul built two high-rise office blocks and a low-rise canteen building opposite Dresden-Mitte railway station. During the Cold War, a bunker was built beneath the canteen for emergencies.

As befits this central location, the city of Dresden decided several years ago in favour of a residential neighbourhood that marks a return to the historical street layout and dimensions, instead of the commercial buildings. The city of Dresden launched a competition for the design of the distinctive urban development.

Green and family-friendly

In line with the city’s desire for diverse architecture, Deutsche Wohnen commissioned three architecture firms to plan the new neighbourhood. Buildings four to seven storeys high will be built around three green courtyards, with 485 residential units and 1,800 square metres of ground-floor commercial space to breathe new life into local streets.

The neighbourhood will be leafy and family-friendly, with space for neighbourly living and communal activities. High standards for architecture and planning were established in close collaboration with the city of Dresden. These were based on the Sustainable Housing rating system, which establishes a wide range of criteria for forward-thinking, responsible construction. 

The dismantling of the old buildings has been completed.

The demolition work, started at the end of 2018, has been completed on schedule. In the spirit of sustainable development, crushed pieces of concrete recovered from the demolition will be reused in the new construction. After preparing the site, the new construction can now start with the creation of the base plate and underground car park. The first excavation has already been dug.


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