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As we have a large portfolio, we have a lot to offer you: in various regions and different locations, in the form of houses and apartments for own use, plots and commercial spaces and properties for capital investment. We are a reliable, professional and fair business partner for our buyers, building trust through transparent processes and rules.

We support our partners from the first viewing to successfully concluding a contract. Sometimes we go even further, assisting with the refurbishment of a property, for instance.

Trust matters to us

Buying a property is all about thinking carefully and being prepared. So it’s good that you’ve found yourself with the Deutsche Wohnen team, who can help you make a good deal, every step of the way.

We are happy to help you with every aspect of this big decision – with dedication and expertise.


Your way to your property

In the personal information meeting, your Deutsche Wohnen sales advisor will explain the relevant offer to you in detail. You will then visit the property together – of course, this also applies to leased properties as capital investments.

On the commercial side, to ensure a lasting successful and secure financing model and be able to take advantage of the benefits of buying your property, it is often necessary to conclude a credit agreement with your trusted bank. Concluding a credit agreement may – subject to conditions – cost the same per month as monthly rent.


At an in-depth contract meeting, the purchase agreement and important buying documents will be explained to you in detail. If there are no further issues to go into from your point of view, the date for buying your property can be agreed at a notary.


A property purchase agreement is always concluded in the presence of a notary due to its significance. Thanks to their office, they are bound to neutrality towards both contracting parties. At this joint meeting, the notary explains the content and consequences of the contract. Your sales advisor will of course accompany you to this too.


Once the agreement has been signed, the payment of the sale price is transferred by you or your bank into an agreed account on a date set out in the agreement. A transfer of ownership will now take place, giving you the right to move in and/or entitling you to receive any rent payments.

You will then be entered in the land registry and are now the lawful owner of your own home. Your sales adviser will also be available to help you handle additional formalities after the notary meeting.


6 steps to your own property

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