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Step 1

To register, click on “Not registered yet” in theDeuWo Digital login form. You will be taken to registration.

Enter your email address and click on “Send verification code”. You will now receive a six-digit code via email. Copy the verification code and switch back to the registration form.

Enter the six-digit code sent to you via email in the “Verification code” field. If you did not receive an email, please check your email address is spelled correctly and look in your spam folder.

Note: The verification code is valid for five minutes. After that, you may request another code.

Once you have entered the verification code, click on “Send code”.

Choose a password that meets the listed requirements and enter it in the “Password” field. The colour red will indicate which requirements you have not met when entering a password.

Once everything is green, re-enter your chosen password in the “Repeat password” field.

You must then read and check the privacy information and terms of use before agreeing to them.

Confirm your details by clicking on “Next”. You will then be taken to step 2 of registration.

Step 2

In the second step, you can choose your preferred form of authentication.

If you select “Telephone (call or SMS)”, you can choose between receiving a call and following the instructions or getting an SMS text message containing a verification code.

Choose “Authenticator app” if you wish to use an app for authentication purposes.

For option 1, select “Telephone (call or SMS)” and click “Next” to confirm.

In the next form, select Germany as your country and enter your telephone number.

On the next input screen, click on “Call me” to receive a call from the verification system. Press the hash key when requested to complete verification. You will then be taken to step 3.

For option 2, select “Telephone (call or SMS)” and click on “Next” to confirm.

In the next form, select Germany as your country and enter your telephone number.

Click on “Code via SMS” to receive a verification code via SMS text message at the number supplied.

Now enter the six-digit verification code for two-factor authentication that you received via SMS. Confirm what you have entered by clicking on “Send code”. You will then be taken to step 3.

Note: The verification code becomes invalid after five minutes. Request a new code if necessary.

Would you prefer authentication via app instead? Then choose the “Authenticator app” and click on “Next” to confirm your choice.

If you don’t yet have an authenticator app on your smartphone, download one (such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Twilio Authy).

Then scan the QR code shown with the authenticator app. A verification code should now appear on your smartphone. If the QR code scan does not work, you can also enter the combination of digits in the app.

Now click on “Next” and enter the six-digit verification code from the authenticator app. Confirm what you have entered by clicking on “Send code”. You will then be taken to step 3.

Note: The verification codes update on your smartphone on an ongoing basis.

Step 3

Finally, indicate whether you are a private individual or a business.

Then enter your rental contract number. Make sure the number is entered in the right format.

Enter your first name and surname the way they appear in recent communications from us. Finally, click on “Complete registration”.

Welcome. You have now registered with DeuWo Digital.

Click through the five tips to reach the start screen. You can now report issues, check processing status and access important contact information.

If you’d also like to request and download documents or view and change information on your rental contract, use the one-time code to activate all functions (see step 4).

Step 4 (optional)

To enjoy all the benefits of DeuWo Digital, there’s just one more step that helps protect your sensitive data from unauthorised access.

Once you’ve registered successfully, you’ll automatically receive a one-time code in the post within a few working days. Enter the six-digit one-time code from the letter once you have logged in again.

You will find the link “Enter one-time code” in the information banner at the top of the DeuWo Digital home page. Confirm the code once you’ve entered it by clicking on “Verify code”.

All done. You can now access all DeuWo Digital services. Have fun discovering them.

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