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If you have issued a SEPA direct debit mandate, your credit is settled automatically and is taken into account when the rent is charged. Otherwise, we will ask you to settle your credit yourself on your next rental payment. More details and information on when your statement balance is due can also be found in the utility bill statement.

We are happy to review this for you. Simply use the customer portal. You can make your request for a change there under the “Adjust advance utility bill payment” option. Just click the link, log in and get started.

Still haven’t registered for the customer portal? It’s worth your while. It also allows you to access many other things online, wherever and whenever you like. Register now and save time. A quick guide is available here.

The answer can be found in the Operating Costs Regulation: “operating costs are costs that arise for the owner on an ongoing basis as a result of ownership of the property or through the intended use of the building, auxiliary buildings, facilities, fittings and the property.” (Article 1 Operating Costs Regulation [BetrKV]). These include costs for waste collection, water supply and cleaning, but do not include management or maintenance costs.

Operating costs are usually paid monthly in advance. Once a year, the total costs incurred in the operating costs statement are charged to tenants in accordance with the allocation key agreed in the rental contract. This means your payments are offset proportionally against the actual costs incurred. This means that you will need to pay backdated operating costs or you will receive credit for the previous billing period.

The cut-off date for producing the utility bill statement is set out in legislation. Accordingly, this must be available by the end of the twelfth month following the end of the billing period. The billing period is usually 12 months.

Your utility bill statement refers to a period of time which has already passed. You have credit because you consumed fewer resources related to operating costs (e.g. electricity, water) over the past year than we calculated at the beginning.

In order to ensure that there is no huge discrepancy between advance payments and actual costs, we may adjust the advance payments for operating costs where necessary. This may mean that you pay less or sometimes slightly more. An increase may be required if we are aware that costs will increase or new types of operating costs will be charged.

The increase is intended to avoid backdated payments. We always try to calculate future costs and realistic advance payments to the best of our knowledge.

The benchmark for charging operating costs depends on the relevant cost item, local specifications, legal provisions and agreements made in the rental contract. We are happy to provide more detailed information on this. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the usual channels.

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