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Please post us your original letter of termination, signed by all parties to the contract. That means that everyone who signed the rental contract also has to sign the termination. This also applies if those people are not living with you (any longer) in the home. Usually the legal notice period of three months to the end of the month applies, for a minimum contractual period of a year, unless otherwise agreed in your rental contract. Stipulations may vary in rental contracts which do not cover a residential unit, such as a commercial rental contract.

Following termination, you will receive written confirmation of termination by post. Please then contact the member of staff named therein and agree a pre-inspection appointment with them.

At the pre-inspection, we establish which works must be carried out by you before the end of the tenancy, such as painting walls and ceilings. Structural changes you have made must be undone and the property must be restored to its original condition. This applies, for instance, to patterned, textured wallpaper or laminate flooring you have laid yourself. The basis for the measures required is the property handover report which was drawn up when you moved in. However, this does not mean that we release you from this obligation after inspection and discussion with the new tenant.

Please let us know – if you have not already done so – if you wish to move out early. Although we can only confirm the legally or contractually agreed date in our confirmation of termination initially, we will of course try to find a new tenant for your preferred move-out date. However, we cannot promise you this on a legally binding basis. We recommend leaving us your daytime telephone number so we can arrange viewings at short notice.

If your move is delayed, you may be granted an extension. For this to take place, rent and bills must be paid for the extension period and there must be no new tenant or other grounds to prevent this.

Moving out of a property almost always involves bulky waste. However, this cannot be disposed of on the property. Instead, it must be reported. You can ask the local waste management authority to pick up furniture, armchairs, chairs and so on. However, please note: you should only put your furniture out on the street when a date has been confirmed and you know when the bulky waste is being collected. This should only be done the night before the collection date. However, if you deposit your bulky waste on the property without notice, we will have to bill you for the collection costs required and may deduct these from your deposit.

At the pre-inspection, we determine which works you still need to carry out before you move out. At the end of the rental contract, a final inspection of the property must be carried out by the landlord. If agreed repairs or cleaning has not been performed or completed or has not been carried out to the appropriate standard, this work will usually need to be done by a contractor. You will be informed of any costs which arise in the account statement at a later date. Please let our employee know your new address at the final inspection. The final inspection report, including meter readings, can be sent to you by email or post, according to your preference.

Before you move out, and no later than the end of the termination date, all outstanding works (cosmetic repairs) must be completed and any installations and refurbishments performed by the tenant must be removed. If parts of the rental property are damaged, you must pay the overhaul costs. The basement and any other auxiliary spaces you use must also be vacated before handover. Bulky waste or household goods must be disposed of prior to property handover – and not with the household waste. If you have not done the necessary works properly or in time, you may be liable for damages. Please also make sure that the stairwell and building are not damaged when you move out.

This report is drawn up at the property handover once the rental contract has been concluded. This sets out the condition of the property and all fixtures and fittings provided as well as meter readings. The handover report is part of your rental contract. Important: it acts as a basis and monitoring tool for both parties to the rental contract when the apartment is returned.

If you have rented the garage or parking space or garden from us too, please terminate these with a separate letter.

If you have taken out a cable TV service from a cable company, you must cancel your service with the cable company separately.

Irrespective of the actual date you move out, you must cancel your utility supply after the final inspection. To do this, provide the meter readings which were recorded in the report at the final inspection.

If you have a subletter in your property, you must ensure that they have also cleared and vacated the property by the end of the notice period. The subletter cannot take over the lease. If the subletter is interested in the apartment, they can apply for the property. A final inspection shall only take place for properties which have been fully vacated.

It’s quick and easy to request a certificate of no rent owned – simply contact us via the usual channels.

The stored deposit/guarantee account is released after the contract has come to an end within the legal cut-off period, providing your home and auxiliary spaces have been returned to us in an orderly manner and your rental account has been settled. Otherwise, we will claim all or part of the security deposit. You and the institution holding the account shall receive a corresponding letter from us.

If your rent includes advance payments for heating, hot water or lift systems, i.e. advance payments for operating costs, we shall send you a statement within the legal cut-off period. Depending on when your rental contract comes to an end, statements may be drawn up for up to two operating cost periods. As agreed, there will be no interim statement when the contract comes to an end.

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