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Efficient and climate-friendly

Our Imbrosweg estate can be found in the south of Berlin, in Marienfelde. The estate of around 900 homes is supplied with heat energy from a thermal power plant put into operation in the Deutsche Wohnen portfolio by G+D, a joint venture between Deutsche Wohnen and GETEC. This environmentally friendly alternative to conventional power plants also supplies homes with heat. It has an electric output of 902 kWel and a thermal output of 931 kWth.

And the largest thermal power plant in operation in Deutsche Wohnen’s portfolio. The thermal power plant, which runs on environmentally friendly biogas, increases the production of eco-friendly electricity in the group from 9 GWh to around 12 GWh per year. When it was put into operation, the electrical power input of the ‘power plant fleet’ rose to a total of 2,150 kW.

Now, Deutsche Wohnen has made huge strides in providing its own energy supply: around 75% of our 160,000-plus homes are supplied with our own energy.