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More than a home

Your own home has a major impact on your well-being, as does the area or neighbourhood in which it’s located. This is true, for instance, of the homes in the four Berlin Modernist estates in Deutsche Wohnen’s portfolio. These estates, which date back to the 1920s and 1930s, are exemplary classics of architecture and urban planning, as they broke new ground in the spirit of their residents – at the time, balconies and bathrooms were not standard for broad sections of the population. The same went for gardens and other green spaces.

In our film on the ten-year anniversary of listing the six Berlin Modernism housing estates as UNESCO World Heritage, you will learn more about the architectural history of the groundbreaking neighbourhoods. 

Living today and tomorrow

As the heirs to this spirit, today, we create living space that offers outstanding architectural and material quality and in the spirit of sustainable development. We also work intensively and practically with new trends such as ‘smart homes’ and ‘home sharing’, as we firmly believe that they will help to shape quality of life for people in urban neighbourhoods in the near and distant future.

In consultation with our tenants

It is important to us that we include the people who live in our properties in our plans. To do this, we prioritise discussion before work begins.

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As diverse as our customers

Today, Deutsche Wohnen’s portfolio is as diverse as its customers. From classic modern estates and bigger housing developments to stylish old buildings – Deutsche Wohnen offers a variety of different types of property. We want to create vibrant and liveable neighbourhoods for our customers – places to feel good in. That’s why we’re making extensive and sustainable investments in maintaining and modernising our portfolio, ensuring that our neighbourhoods will remain great places to live – in future, too. We present a selection of our neighbourhoods here on our website.