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Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading listed property companies in Germany. Its operational focus is on managing and developing its portfolio, which focusses on residential properties. The company is listed in the MDAX of the German Stock Exchange and is also included in the major indices EPRA/NAREIT, STOXX Europe 600 and GPR 250.

Deutsche Wohnen is based in Berlin. Assistance and support is provided to the tenants at the local Service Points. As Deutsche Wohnen grows further the network of Service Points is being continuously extended. Our portfolio currently comprises 164,000 units in total, of which 161,500 are residential units and 2,500 are commercial properties.


Deutsche Wohnen is operating in the segments of residential property Management, strategic and operative sales as well as in the nursing business segment. For more information go to the menu on the left and click on “Business Segments”.


Within the context of our commercial strategy, we focus on attractive residential property units in economically important regions of Germany. Our core regions are particularly located in Greater Berlin, Rhine-Main region, the Rhineland, Dresden and in Hanover/Brunswick as well as in other growing German metropolitan regions.

All business activities are aimed at the continuous increase of the value of our portfolio. The development of the core portfolio as well as strategically opportune acquisitions and disposals are essential fine-tuning instruments. Our operations are defined by the commitment to quality of the property and to efficiency of the operating processes. The sustainable management of our residential property is based on economical and ecological factors, for example the examination of the energy efficiency of our estates and the investment into its improvement.

Transparency and fairness in dealing with partners are also a decisive part of the success of our strategy. Together, we work on achieving an effective service level, that increases the satisfaction of our custumers and the quality of our property in the long term.



Core business

Development and management of the residential properties



Residential units


Core regions

Greater Berlin, Rhine-Main region, Rhineland, Dresden, Hanover/Brunswick as well as in other growing German metropolitan regions


Berlin Rhein-Main


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