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Our portfolio comprises around 168,200 units, including 165,500 residential units and 2,700 commercial units. The properties stand out due to their high quality and excellent locations: almost 90% of them are found in German growth regions forecast to enjoy positive economic development.

Deutsche Wohnen makes sustainable investments in order to meet customer requirements now and in the future. Accordingly, we prioritise continually improving energy efficiency in our properties, carefully developing the quality of our portfolio and creating vibrant neighbourhoods where the pulse of the city or the peace of the suburbs is palpable. We believe we have a duty towards our clients, employees, shareholders, society and the environment.

Over 30,000 of our units are located in listed buildings; four of our Berlin developments are UNESCO World Heritage sites. No other property company in Germany has such a valuable historical portfolio. Architecture and building culture are key to our company philosophy.

Alongside our passion for property, impeccable customer service is a cornerstone of our company culture. We currently have more than 10 million square metres of living space across Germany to offer our customers. Services such as Nursing and Assisted Living for seniors and further community-oriented activities complete our offering.

Quality, efficiency and sustainability are our top priorities. These lasting values are a basis for shaping attractive and more diverse neighbourhoods and the company’s financial success. The future is at home with us.

‘It doesn’t matter how the spaces look without people. All that matters is how people look in them.’

Bruno Taut*:

* German architect and city planner, best known for the large developments he built in the Berlin districts of Britz and Zehlendorf for the established housing company GEHAG. GEHAG merged with Deutsche Wohnen in 2007.