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With a few measures and simple tricks, together – you as a tenant and we as your landlord – we can do our bit for the environment and save money every month.

What is Deutsche Wohnen doing to help you?

To save energy, we will lower the temperature in residential units at night – between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. – to 17°C, saving you up to 8% on energy costs. The hot water supply is not affected by this. There are no restrictions for showering or bathing.

To combat the risk of building up major payment arrears, we work with you to adjust advance payments for heating costs in line with current price trends. Our staff are happy to help. We also recommend that you set aside money for this purpose and check your energy consumption.

To help prevent you getting into financial difficulties, we offer you the option to pay in instalments. To do this, contact our customer service team directly and find out about tailored financing plans.

To save energy, we are looking for potential savings everywhere and implement suitable measures to achieve them. In doing so, we work with external experts and seek dialogue with professional associations and other companies.

For years, we have been investing heavily in the energy-related refurbishment of our buildings to improve their energy footprint. Depending on the structural possibilities and in compliance with legal regulations, we are insulating buildings, installing new windows, putting in energy-efficient heating systems, and much more.

What can you do as a tenant?

To save energy, you can lower the room temperature in your home. Just 1°C less can save you up to 6% in energy costs.

To save energy, when you’re away for long periods of time, turn then thermostats to 1. You shouldn’t turn off the heating completely, as reheating the property uses more energy than you saved in the first place.

Devices in standby mode are not completely disconnected from the power supply and continue to consume energy. On average, they are responsible for 10% of electricity consumption in the home, meaning they can quickly rack up bills of EUR 100 or more per year. You should unplug them or use power strips with switches.


In order to save energy, we recommend reducing the water temperature when showering and washing your hands. If you wash your hands thoroughly with soap, cold water will suffice.

You also opt for cold water when mopping the floor, which also saves energy. Furthermore, many cleaning agents are designed for cold water and less effective when using hot.

In order to save energy, you should ventilate regularly and briefly to avoid heat loss in the home and save considerably on energy compared to tilt ventilation. And switch the heating to the snowflake first. This also prevents mould from forming.

More tips can be found on the website of the Verband Berlin-Brandenburgischer Wohnungsunternehmen:

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