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Important FAQ

Please pay your deposit in cash. We provide an account for this purpose. Please pay your deposit into this account. The deposit may be made in three equal instalments or as a single amount.

Please pay the full deposit amount or the first instalment (if an agreement for payment by instalment has been agreed) along with the first rent payment when the rental contract begins.

The handover of the property and keys will take place at the rental property on a date previously agreed with the responsible employee but no later than the beginning of the rental contract. We are happy to agree a date with you when you sign the rental agreement at our service point.

At least one party to the contract or, alternatively, a representative with the relevant authorisation, must be present at the handover of the property.

We also welcome your pets. However, please note that approval is required to keep dogs and cats. It is not required for keeping small pets such as hamsters or canaries. If you wish to keep dogs or cats, we must check in advance whether the apartment is large enough and that the animal can be kept in a manner suitable to its species. In some neighbourhoods there is also a general ban on dogs.

If you would like to request our approval for keeping a dog, please send us your dog breed and a photo of your dog as well as evidence of payment of the dog tax and your dog insurance. Please consider that there may be people in your neighbourhood who might be frightened of your four-legged friend. We therefore do not permit our tenants to keep attack dogs or attack dog mixes. Please also keep your dog on a short lead in the stairwell and on the property and remove any mess immediately. Thank you for your understanding.

The WBS (Wohnberechtigungsschein) is an official certificate confirming that a person is entitled to live in public housing. The applicant must meet specific criteria to receive this certificate. The criteria vary depending on the German federal state in question. Further information may be obtained from your local housing office.

The net cold rent – also considered the basic rent – is the amount you pay for the use of a property alone. This amount does not include any charges.

The gross cold rent consists of the net cold rent plus all charges not involving heating (chimney cleaning, insurance, cable TV, gardening, lift maintenance, waste disposal, etc.).

The gross warm rent consists of the net cold rent plus charges. In contrast to the gross cold rent, it also includes the costs for heating and hot water.

Customer service for our tenants

Let us know your concerns via the following contact channels.

Digitally via the
DeuWo Digital App

or via our contact form

By phone at +49 30 89786-0
Monday to Thursday from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

B&O repair hotline +49 30 89786-901
The repair department for emergencies can be reached 24 hours a day.

More about costumer service

Service for rental inquiries